Biography Andreas Laskarátos – Born today in 1911 and his statue is still in Lixouri

Today in  1811 was born the great satirical poet and novelist Andreas Laskarátos – the poem he wrote about his birth.

Andreas Laskarátos (1 May 1811-24 July 1901) was a remarkable poet and novelist from kefalonia. Excommunicated from the church because of his anti-Clergy Anti-Clergy.

Andreas Laskarátos was born in 1811 in lixouri and specifically at the country country location, at a time when the islands passed from French to English protection. His first letters found out near neóphyto bámba at the castle school. At the age of eikosienós, his uncle deladétsimas appointed him scribe in the Senate in corfu and wrote him in the faculty of law of the ionian university because he intended him for a judge although laskarátos himself wished to From Corfu turned to kefalonia and worked for some time prōtokollētḗs of magistrate. Then resigned and went to Pisa and Paris for legal studies. In 1839 he returned by exercising only for three years the profession of legal But the death of his father, he made him fight with law due to some family cases, but his senate refused to grant him permission. This period travels to Crete to study the cretan language idiom and its folk songs. Travels also to Athens, syros, Corinth, Patras, mesologi. He was a disciple of Andreas Kálbou, and he met Denis Salmon, which certainly affected his subsequent course. He dealt with journalism, poetry, while he’s more known as libelográphos. He was married to Penelope Korgialéneiou, from a well-known and wealthy family of the island, with which he acquired two sons and

He issued several portlandia newspapers such as “a”, kautēriázontas indiscriminately the immorality, injustice, hypocrisy. Many times we fought against their politicians and their incompetence, while fought hard for religious superstitions and beliefs, especially the arbitrariness of the religious authority. On March 2, 1856, metropolitan cephalonia spyridonas kontomíchalos, in anglokratoúmenē then kefalonia, bans andreas laskaráto due to his book “the mysteries of cephallonia” and of course the book. The excommunication had decided and drafted earlier (brought on the date 16 February 1856). The Resorts hunted in Zante, but on March 16, 1856 Aphorízetai and there, by her metropolitan, nikolaos kokkini.

He died in argostoli, where he resided after the persecution he suffered, on July 24, 1901, but his work remains timeless until today. Those who have studied it realize that it was a man who saw especially forward for his time and today, what he had predicted and wanted either to change or to prevent, has generally been verified

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