Borders open for international flights – Gyms, seasonal accommodation and museums reopen

The gradual lifting of the restriction measures continues and June 15 is a day of reopening of a number of businesses, cultural infrastructures and tourism, as foreign flights are released.

The slogan for the resumption of tourism was given by Santorini, by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. In a cinematic setting, against the backdrop of the colors of the Santorini sunset , Kyriakos Mitsotakis sent a message to the world that Greece is a safe destination. As he stressed, answering questions from foreign press correspondents, he stressed, among other things, that Greece is not interested in becoming a number one destination but a safe destination, and that “we need to change our tourism model and sustainability.”

Thessaloniki airports open – Flights abroad are starting
From tomorrow, Monday, the gates of Greece will open to welcome international tourists with health protocols and rules. Athens International Airport and Thessaloniki Airport are ready and all necessary coronation protection measures have already been taken. Restrictions on arrivals from Italy, Spain and the Netherlands will be lifted from 15 June to 30 June. For Albania and Northern Macedonia, flights will only be allowed for essential travel (ie non-tourist travel) while the ban on Great Britain and Turkey is maintained, regardless of the EASA list.

“Macedonia” airport, after three months of restriction measures, again welcomes direct flights from abroad. Thus, from tomorrow, June 15 to June 30, all international flights are allowed, with the exception of Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Turkey, Albania and Northern Macedonia. At the country’s other airports, international arrivals will begin on July 1, and the proposal to the EU on the list of third countries excluded from the ban on flights is co-formed.

Gyms, camps and seasonal hotels
The new phase of easing the restraining measures, which will take effect on Monday, concerns several businesses , activities and businesses. With the lifting of measures on June 15, gyms, camps and seasonal accommodation will be opened, among other things.

Earlier, the government decided to reopen the gyms, which were scheduled to reopen on June 29. Regarding the operation of the gyms, EODY, in an announcement, gave instructions regarding their mode of operation. According to them, the number of attendees will be determined by the squares of each gym. At the same time, each athlete must inform the gym staff in advance that he will go for training. At the same time, it is determined that the distance between the instruments, such as the corridors, will be two meters

In particular, on Monday, June 15, these will reopen:

  • holiday accommodation and other accommodation for short stay and seasonal use
  • vocational rehabilitation services for people with disabilities
  • visitation and support services for people with disabilities
  • museum activities
  • the operation of historic sites and buildings and similar attractions
  • the fitness facilities
  • leisure park activities and other theme parks
  • the rest of the fun and entertainment activities
  • physical well-being services
  • Pool services
  • the services of therapeutic baths and thermal springs and sauna, spa and steam bath services.

Museums Reopen 
After almost three months, the country ‘s museums open . Of course, the museums reopen with all the protection measures and rules for the coronavirus. Guests are invited to keep a distance of at least 1.5 m., For open spaces and 2 m. For closed spaces. The use of a non-medical mask is mandatory for visitors.

Among other things, air conditioning is constantly working to protect the exhibits where necessary. Where not required, it will operate two hours before the museum’s opening hours and two hours after its opening hours.

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