Breaking News 5-1 – 5.3 Earthquake close to Athens (several aftershocks already above 3) – Post continually updated

According to the Euro-Mediterranean Institute, the earthquake was 5.3 degrees on the Richter scale. The seismic vibration was so strong that the buildings in the city of Athens were shaking.

A few minutes later, the Euro-Mediterranean Institute reported that the earthquake was 23 km northwest of Athens, 4 km north of Magoula, and gave 5.1 Richter intensity.

As Ant1 transmits, commanded by the Chief of Police and Fire Brigade crews and service vehicles have come out on the streets to see the situation and provide every possible help.

According to what has hitherto been known, the Fire Brigade has received more than 15 calls for evacuation from an elevator, while several power cuts have occurred in many areas of Attica.

Problems in telecommunications
At the same time, problems are found in fixed and mobile telephony, with citizens not being able to communicate in many cases with their close faces. Please note that calls via viber and other social media are working properly.

So far there is no information about injuries but many building evacuated.

The seismologist are reviewing data to ascertain if this is the main shock of this sequence.

At 15:12 a 4.3 aftershock has occurred seismologist unconcerned seen as normal sequence after major event at 14:13.

video inside room as earthquake stroke

Athen’s shorty after earthquake

19:00 EEST Latest Synopsis of this afternoon’s events near and in Athens

The first earthquake

On the behalf of the four entities of the National Seismological Network, the Geodynamic Institute of the National Observatory of Athens announced that today at 2:13 pm Greece, their seismographs recorded a strong earthquake vibration, with a magnitude of 5.1 points on the Richter scale, 23 km north-west of Athens. The focus of the vibration is 23 km. NW of Athens.

The big aftershock

The Geodynamic Institute of the National Observatory of Athens reported that today, at 15:11 hours in Greece, their seismographs recorded a Patient Seismic Vibration, with a magnitude of 4.3 degrees of the Richter scale, which comes from a distance 18 Km. NW of Athens. The focus of vibration is 18 km. NW of Athens.

The earthquake and the first problems

Apart from house cracks in Mandra and the fall of plasters in Peristeri, the earthquake caused telecommunications problems due to overloading of all networks, since immediately after the earthquake everyone tried to communicate with their own people. Telecoms recommend consumers to only call emergency calls and communicate via apps such as viber, WhatsApp, and social media.

The earthquake also caused power outages in the center of Athens, in areas of Piraeus and Egaleo. The failures, according to information from relevant sources, are detected in the medium and low voltage networks, while the high voltage (which would affect most areas) according to the same information did not identify any problems.

Petcha statements about the earthquake

In a statement from the Maximos Mansion, government spokesman Stelios Petsas, referring to the earthquake, pointed out that there are no reports of serious injuries and damages.

The only damages that have been reported so far, according to the information available so far, are an old residence in Drapetsona, and an uninhabited house in Petralona, ​​facades have also been dropped in Egaleo and Drapetsona.

The Fire Department received calls for evacuation of people from the elevator. Also, mobile networks have encountered temporary problems due to overloading the network, the government spokesman said.

From the very first moment, Messrs. Chrysochoidis and Chardalias is in the coordinating department and the prime minister is informed of all developments in his office. The Armed Forces are ready, if necessary. And Mr Petas concluded his statement by saying that in Greece we know from earthquakes and invited the citizens to be up to date.

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More to follow as information becomes available

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