Brexit is also causing concern to the British residents of Zakynthos

British citizens who live permanently in Zakynthos are concerned about issues related to the UK’s exit from the European Union, such as the ability to travel to and from Britain, the validity of driving licenses, and access to health facilities and other public services etc. and some of the many issues that concern them were answered within the framework of a meeting held a few days ago at the Intellectual Center at the initiative of the British Embassy.
More than 2,000 British citizens live on our island, but about 100 attended a meeting held in the presence of representatives of the British Embassy.

According to British Vice- Advisor Matthew Delapp , attendees have asked to be informed mainly of permanent residence documents in Greece, but also of driving licenses. The instructions given to the inhabitants of our island were to secure certificates of permanent residence in our country and to change the driving licenses in Greek. According to the Vice-Advisor, during the meeting, the letter of the Greek Foreign Minister, Mr Kathrougalos, to his British counterpart, Jeremy Hant, was read regarding the protection of citizens’ rights following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Foreign Minister George Katrougalos expresses the will of Athens to continue and strengthen its “excellent cooperation” with London after Brexit. In his letter, Mr. Katoigalos acknowledges that the United Kingdom has been a key and precious partner of Greece within the EU family. and its absence will be noticeable.

It stresses, however, that our country respects the decision of the British people and will continue to develop bilateral relations in all areas of mutual interest.

Furthermore, as noted, the Retirement Agreement can also fully safeguard the rights of the citizens of both countries. For this reason, he continues, “We strongly advocated, during the negotiations on the Reconciliation Agreement, the adoption of a more generous approach to safeguarding the rights of EU citizens. and the UK and members of their families “ .

Mr Koutougallos notes that in the United Kingdom, he has been going through an important Greek community as well as a large British community in Greece, and he hopes that both will continue to enjoy the benefits and privileges they had before leaving. “That is why we firmly support the need to ratify the Retirement Agreement before March 29, 2019,” he said.

The tourism

A special report from the subconsult was also on the issue of British tourists, noting that there were no dramatic changes in the number of Britons who would make their holidays on our island.

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