More than two thirds of people (69%) plan their annual summer break in the UK, up 12% from 2018, with an average trip duration of eight days.

Spending is expected to be up to an average of £874, according to the poll of 1,500 consumers by Travelodge.

This is the highest spend since the budget chain started its annual holiday index in 2011 when the average spend was £399.28.

The poll found that 58% of adults have opted to holiday at home due to Brexit uncertainties.

The boom in staycations will see 45% take in three locations – beach, rural and city – as part of their eight day holiday, a rise of 5% overe last year.

And as many as 85% are splitting the traditional two week annual holiday into a seven day block supported with three short breaks throughout the year.

This helps us to look forward to several holidays throughout the year, elevate the stress of modern living and obtain more value of our precious leisure time.

A traditional jaunt to the seaside remains a firm favorite with 45% of Britons flocking to the coast this summer.  For the fifth consecutive year,

Cornwall is crown as the top UK holiday destination for the fifth consecutive year followed by Blackpool rising from 15th position in 2018. Devon has slipped down to third position after previously holding the second slot for several years.

UK city breaks are the second most popular type of holiday for 29% of people, headed by London, Bath and Birmingham.

The jewel of our national heritage, the British countryside is the third most popular type of summer Staycation break for Britons this year.

Almost a quarter (24%) plan a countryside break this summer with top destinations including the Lake District, North Wales and the Cotswolds.

A Travelodge spokeswoman said: “Our annual holiday index reveals that we have become a mighty staycation nation and are doing our bit for the economy.

“We are also seeing a growing trend in Britons taking multi-location holidays and more short breaks.

“Taking regular shorter breaks helps to maximise your holiday time, recharge your batteries, discover what makes Blighty so great and also provides interesting content to share on our social news feeds.”

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