Brexit restricts British travel abroad

One in 10 Britons will not go abroad this year because of the uncertainty caused by Brexit, according to a KPMG UK survey.

Another finding of the survey is that 30% of Britons have cut spending on vacations due to Brexit concerns. 

Parents with young children are the most affected category, with 15% reporting having sacrificed their holidays abroad.

“These numbers show how much Brexit is affecting the daily lives of Britons,” said Linda Ellett, head of consumer markets at KPMG UK.

The fall in the pound, the border controls, the potential problems with Brexit flights are causing Brits to worry about their travels abroad. Having clarified what will happen to these issues after Brexit, the survey estimates that normalcy will return to the UK travel market.

Shortages of food, medicines after Brexit

Scene of collapse following untidy Brexit market failures and chaos in ports foresees a government document revealed by the London Times. Political leadership, however, is reassuring. Read the DW report.

This is a UK Treasury document that points to severe shortages of imported fruits, the loss of 2,000 workers in the energy sector, shortages of basic medicines such as insulin and anti-flu vaccines, mass protests and violent protests, and violent protests. and Protestants in Northern Ireland in the event of border closures and even delays at airports, the Channel Tunnel and the Port of Dover.

The government rushed to shrug it off, saying it was the least credible of the dozens of paper scripts submitted by the previous government. However, the revelation has sparked reactions across the political spectrum. In their letter, 100 Members of all parties call on the Government to convene Parliament immediately so that there is a longer period for Members to take up their positions by 31 October, when the deadline for the extension of Article 50 on withdrawal expires.

Johnson International Contacts

And as pressure is mounting on the government to take steps to lift the deadlock with Brussels, Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits Berlin and Paris next Wednesday and Thursday for talks on foreign trade, security and foreign trade co-operation. of the enviroment. All this in view of the G7 Summit next weekend. According to government sources, however, the British Prime Minister will try to put Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron and the Brexit victim.


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