Brief background on Global Climate Protest happening today

The Global Climate Strike is the third in a worldwide series of climate rallies organised by school students, and led by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg.
But it is not just young people taking part this month, with labour and humanitarian groups, environmental organizations and employees of some of the world’s biggest brands also set to participate.

Lots of good embryonic stuff happened in Kefalonia this year with many examples of tourist and Greeks alike doing beach cleans which are also still happening today at Fanari and tomorrow at Aghia Barbara and Skala and if your on the island why not get involved?

Also more use of segregated waste bins on beaches, but, all these are reactive and it would be good if we can all next year promote and join the people already doing it the proactive stuff, including;

  • Reduction in your use of single use plastics
    • Get a reusable straw
    • Reusable or your own cup for the daily coffee to go
    • Less bags bought at the supermarket even the free ones that are circumnavigating the bag fee
  • Remove your on rubbish footprint from the beaches
  • Find a way of reducing the amount of trees burnt down directly! or indirectly.

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