Britain: 6 prospective prime ministers revealed they have taken drugs – From cocaine to cannabis milkshake

The race for the succession of Teresa May in the UK has evolved into a … confession of confessions, as one after another candidate prime ministers admit that they have been using drugs .

On Saturday, the score went up to the “score” with May’s prospective successors who have admitted to having used banned substances in the past. Originally, Michael Gove revealed that he has taken cocaine , several times more than 20 years ago when he was a journalist. A few hours after the confession of the Environment Minister, another proxy of the prime minister made her own revelation. The reason for Andrea Leadsom, who said that when she was a student she smoked “grass”.

From cocaine to cannabis milkshake

Now, according to The Mirror, three of the politicians who have entered the Battle of Downing Street have admitted to having tried drugs: three cannabis, two cocaine and one smoked opium.

Even now, 46-year-old Rory Stuart has publicly apologized for having smoked opium at a wedding in Iran.

Jeremy Hunt has revealed he had drunk cannabis milkshake when he had traveled to India. 

Dominique Rabab has admitted he was smoking hemp as a student.

Boris Johnson could not be missing from the list of drug confessions. The 54-year-old who is considered to be the favorite to succeed Teresa May has said that when he was a student, he tried cocaine and hemp.

Of course, they are not the only ones who have made such a confession. David Cameron has previously said he smoked hemp when he was studying in Ithon, according to RES.

All of this seems so “alien” to the world of May. She has stated that the greatest naughtiness she has ever made in her life was when …she ran into a field of wheat!

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