The 14-day quarantine imposed on arrivals in Britain from abroad will be reconsidered every three weeks, according to a government spokesman, who said details of how the system would work would be made public in the near future.

“Once the quarantine rules come into force, they will be reviewed every three weeks” to keep pace with the latest scientific advice, he said.

So far, every three weeks, the restrictions on lockdown due to coronavirus have been reconsidered, based on new data from the special scientific committee that advises the government.

The exception of France

Regarding France’s exclusion from quarantine, the spokesman said “it was not a proper claim that there would be an exception only for France” and added that in the joint statement of the British and French governments issued after his announcements Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for a gradual easing of some restrictions, saying “there will be no quarantine with France at this time.”

And Transport Minister Grant Saps told parliament that the government would release details of its quarantine plan soon and that the plan would take effect early next month. He clarified that initially it will concern everyone, but then the cases of the countries that will be excluded from quarantine will be examined, mainly those that have a small number of coronavirus cases.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ