Britain: This is the expected holiday traffic light system

Holidays for tourists from Britain will only be possible in green destinations, in fact, as the conditions and requirements for travel in orange and much more in red destinations make them very difficult.

Following yesterday’s announcements by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the responsibility is now “transferred” to the destinations to manage the demands of the British themselves.

According to the Chief Medical Advisor, who accompanied Mr Johnson yesterday in the statements – and foretold by Paul Charles -, the traffic light system in Britain will take into account cases, mutations, vaccinations and the state of the health system. .

Also clear was the lack of any reference to bilateral agreements, as well as his statement that most popular destinations have alarmingly high viral loads, but there is, as he said, a long time until May 17th.

According to Boris Johnson, the date 17/05 remains at the moment as the start date of trips to Britain , but only if the data allow this development.

This means that as long as popular destinations do not manage the virus (like the British themselves in 2020) this date will be postponed to the future.

Unlike last year, the destinations that will be marked “orange”, will probably not have any luck to be preferred by English tourists, since the prerequisites for traveling there will be many.

The diagram from the Telegraph gives the details of the travel requirements in each color category, with what is known so far.

According to the Telegraph, “those vaccinated in the UK could avoid Covid testing and the need for quarantine from orange countries, according to the government ‘s briefing on its World Travel Review.

Those who are fully vaccinated will also find many countries that are willing to welcome them this Summer without quarantine or testing.

In recent months, it has become almost certain that vaccine passports of some form will be the key to opening up the British holiday season.

Vaccine certification technology is likely to be developed for Britons so they can verify Covid vaccines.

The government’s announcements about international travel yesterday, Monday, raise the prospect that fully vaccinated travelers could face fewer trials and bypass quarantine.

“The vaccination program could offer a more stable path than the need for such restrictions – provided we see adequate efficacy against any mutations,” a government document said, adding that “vaccine passports could be facilitate “travel abroad, through negotiations with countries that agree on the” mutual recognition “of these certificates. “May 17 is not the first date on which this could be done.”

Which countries accept the certificate

According to the Telegraph, countries that have already opened up to vaccinated travelers, as well as those that have said they will include Greece

Greece has said it will welcome vaccinated people in May.

“Greece is ready with a complete protocol for the summer of 2021”, said the Minister of Tourism Haris Theocharis. “Tourists will be welcome if they are either vaccinated, have antibodies, or are negative before the trip. “All tourists will be subjected to random tests,” he added.

Greece has already agreed on a “travel corridor” with Israel that allows vaccinated people to travel between the two countries.
Greece hopes to welcome the British by mid-May

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