British Airways Flight to Valencia Fill’s with Smoke


The plane had to land in Valencia, Spain, and special slides were immediately activated to evacuate the aircraft. Three people were taken to hospital.

The plane had taken off from Heathrow, Britain, and 10 minutes before it suddenly landed the passenger compartment began to fill with dense smoke. According to passenger testimonies, the plane was flying and the air was full of smoke, none of the crew did anything initially and the oxygen masks were not activated.

Shortly after taking off from Heathrow, the pilot told air traffic controllers: “The engine caught fire” and was preparing for a forced landing.

The plane continued to be in the air with passengers not knowing what to do when the dense smoke made the situation unbearable.

Other passengers describing what they lived said that the smell was miserable and people were drowning in smoke. Until the plane was evacuated, according to other testimonies, the crew could not open the doors.

“All of a sudden it was done. Ten minutes before we land. The plane was packed with lots of families and young children. My kids were crying out of fear, “said one passenger.

Look at the moments of horror the passengers lived through

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