British car licence swap to Greek most likely deadline now May 2nd 2021!

Update 04 February
For residents here who have yet to exchange their UK driving licence to Greek I am currently in plenty of liaison with but the initial response from them for those who have already been resident in Greece for 185 days is that if they have not commenced the exchange procedure by 2nd May 2021 they will cease to have a valid driving licence to drive in Greece. Posting this in good faith based on the information from the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport. More to follow but wanted to post this now………

03- February
This is from the Greek Brexit Team:
“Driving: UK nationals in Greece
If you are a UK national resident in Greece, holder of a UK driving licence, you may continue after 1 January 2021 to use your UK driving licence without a problem, until 2 May 2021.
Joint Ministerial Decision Δ30/A3/24136 (Β’ 368/02-02-2021), published on February 2nd, 2021, allows UK nationals, resident in Greece, to exchange if they wish so, their UK driving licence for a Greek one.
The exchange process is effective from 3 February 2021. Beneficiaries can exchange their licence without repeating the driving test.
They will just need to submit the results of a physical and eye examination to the competent authorities, including the necessary supporting documents required in the decision.
For the exchange, UK nationals can visit the Directorates of Transport & Communications of the Decentralized Administrations of their place of residence or a Citizen Service Center (ΚΕΠ).
Greek nationals resident in the UK, holders of Greek driving licences will also be able to exchange them with UK ones.
Those UK or Greek nationals who return to their country of origin (UK and Greece respectively) may get their original driving licences back by exchange again.”
(I am awaiting further clarification as to what happens after 2nd May 2021 for those already resident here for 185 days, those who will not have been resident for 185 days by 2nd May, and those who take up residency after 2nd May
source – FB post of Savvas Andreas

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