British couple with a house in Syros explains how Brexit puts … restrictions on their endless vacation in Greece

According to the Daily Mail, starting next month, UK nationals will be limited to a maximum of 90 days in most EU countries, without a visa or residence permit. In total, it is estimated that around half a million British citizens who own property in Europe will be affected. Having launched a campaign to solve their problem, they call on the relevant ministers to intervene, in the hope that Brussels will ease the restrictions.

In particular, they ask to change the limit to 180 days in a period of 12 months, which would give more flexibility and the possibility of staying longer in any trip, such as during the summer.

Downing Street rejects the request
Downing Street, however, rejected the request yesterday, as a result of leaving the EU. Asked if the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson understands the situation of those who own holiday homes and whether he will put pressure on the EU on their behalf, his spokesman replied: ” “The prime minister was clear about the fact that we are leaving the European Union and what that means for us to regain control of our money, our borders and our laws.”

Cottage owners have complained that they are being treated worse by EU citizens who are able to stay in the UK for up to six months without a visa. “Earlier this year, a minister ruled out a request for an exemption from the EU rule.” The government is not seeking to agree on specific mobility arrangements for second homeowners, “he told parliament.

” The 90/180 day Schengen rule will severely restrict the rights of UK citizens to access their assets during periods of their choice,” said the 180 Days Visa Free persuade the EU to change the restrictions. “Many people spend a long time in the summer at home in Europe and also visit it other times. Rule 90/180 will prevent this. “For example, if you spend July and August in the Schengen area, then visits should be limited to less than four weeks between March and June and less than four weeks between September and Christmas,” the team explains.

The UK Government Guidelines on the Regulation state: “From 1 January 2021, you will be able to travel to other Schengen countries for up to 90 days in any 180-day visa-free period for purposes such as tourism. This is a 180 day rolling period. To stay longer, work or study or for business travel, you must meet the entry requirements set by the country in which you are traveling. This could mean (that you should) apply for a visa or work permit. You may also need to obtain a visa if your visit takes you more than 90 days to the 180-day limit. The periods of stay allowed with a visa or permit will not be counted in the 90 day limit “.

Brexit: Finally “the hopes for great hot summers”
Among the British affected will be David Young, an award-winning novelist who, along with his wife Stephanie, bought a two-bedroom house on the island of Syros two years ago.

Last night, he noted that the specific regulations mean that “hopes for great hot summers” are diminishing.

“All we ask for is reciprocity. The irony is that EU citizens after Brexit will be able to spend up to six months at a time in the UK. The only solution is to apply for a residence permit, but this is accompanied by a minimum stay of 183 days, “said Yang. they can not choose full accommodation “.

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