British in Europe – The Guidance Note for withdrawal agreement – Part 1: Residence Rights & Procedures

While our advocacy team were working hard on adding our amendment to the Immigration Bill and influencing MEPs behind the scenes for the European Parliament meeting today, our information team was hard at work preparing a brand new guide to your rights.

The Guidance Note issued by the European Commission in May adds important details to the WA text but is not easy to understand, even for the lawyers! Never daunted, we have gone where others fear to tread and dissected the 57-page document, preparing three guides. The first is on Residency, which you can read in full below, with the next two covering Family Rights and Pensions, Healthcare & Social Security. Special thanks go to Kalba Meadows for the preparation of the guides which, as with all our publications, have been legally checked by our experts.

As we are the only organisation to have accompanied (and input into) the negotiations from the very beginning, we are the only organisation that is able to provide this level of independent expertise which we do free-of-charge. 



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