British tourism: Greece tries to join list of countries opening borders

The Greek government and the Ministry of Tourism are reportedly working hard to include Greece directly in the list of countries for which the United Kingdom opens its borders without the 14-day quarantine.

According to reports in the British media, the Greek mobilization started as soon as the statements of the Minister of Transport Grant Shapps on the BBC Radio 4’s Today program became known, according to which Greece will not be in the category of countries that open without quarantine, no due to the epidemiological situation, but because our country itself does not allow flights from the United Kingdom until July 15. 

“The reciprocity cannot come before July 15 for Greece and that is an issue for Greece,” the transport minister said. 

The statement also raised concerns with British travel agencies, which have plans for Greece, with Noel Josephides, president of Sunvil, saying the government should explain why it does not include our country.

“This will be very confusing. This means a later start for Greece and a very bad outlook for the summer in one of the safest destinations in the world,” he said.


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