British tourism: Travel agencies are hoping for a cold summer in northern Europe!

Britain’s travel companies are hoping for a cold summer this year in Europe to boost consumers’ interest in travel after 50% drop in package prices during the first phase of season stagnation caused by low demand.

Professionals in the industry who spoke at Barclays’ annual conference are afraid that if the weather of last summer, when high temperatures prevailed in Europe to prevent travel abroad, the tourist season is going to be difficult for everyone.

According to the Barclays Global Economic Update, bookings at the beginning of the year were up 12%, but Brexit’s shade led to a fall in demand. Reserves peaked in April when Brexit’s extension was announced, but only for specific products such as ferry boats to France.

As Alistair Pritchard, a Deloitte partner, a stronger booking trend is expected in the coming two months, adding that it will depend heavily on weather conditions.

Hotel Plan (Inghams, Explore, Ski Total and Esprit), Paul Carter, said that, for the same reason, holiday breaks in May had a 50% cost reduction, while travel booking prices in June decrease from 30% to 40%.

Travel bookings in July show an increase, but there is still a lot of time until August and September, he said. Reservations at EU destinations have been hit hard and reservations for Explore Europe are down by one-third on an annual basis.

Even the luxury travel professionals, historically unaffected by such factors, have been affected and record solid demand this year, according to what Travel Director Consultancy Director Martin Alcock said.

With online advertising costs rising by 20% this year, travel companies need to continue to invest in them without the expectation that they will incur additional bookings as if they do not risk being outside of the ranking in search results. 

The positive thing about the industry is that consumers continue to prioritize holiday spending, spending more on experiences, which is what travel is best for, said Pritchard.

The trips that bring about changes in man are expected to be the hot trend in traveling over the next two years, he said, as people are increasingly seeking to return to work with a better version of themselves. 

There is also an increase of 204% in family holidays, and 2% in lonely trips, which account for 17% of all adult travel.

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