By the end of the year, will also be available in English

The project is in the immediate plans of the Ministry of Digital Government to enable the use of all services of the Single Digital Portal in English.

What are the benefits of this procedure? Initially, the immediate service of more people from the Greek state, the services become friendlier to all, while in the field of entrepreneurship will significantly facilitate the access of foreigners to public services without incurring additional costs for the presence and assistance of intermediaries.

It should be noted that citizens can already with a few clicks issue a certificate of genuine signature in English for documents and private contracts and “can send documents and private contracts abroad with their signature easily and safely” as the Minister of Digital wrote Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis in his twitter post.

This new feature comes mainly to serve those who trade abroad and need to send a certified private document. The new service is added to the services that are already available in English through Indicatively, such services are the platform for the recognition of vaccinations carried out abroad and the upgraded platform for the e-paravolo. In addition, OAED became the first service to take advantage of the possibility of a third party participating in video-call appointments in order to enable citizens to request the participation of an interpreter in myOAEDlive.

It is worth noting that the translation of into English will also improve Greece’s position in the DESI index. Providing a country with digital services in more languages ​​is a criterion in the field of e-governance. In this way, after the first step of creating many and easy-to-use digital services, the country goes one step further, closing another issue in the effort to align with other European countries.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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