By what means is the state preparing to cope with fires!

The number of Canaders, helicopters, special body and drone to be used

With the fire-fighting period already in place, the country’s state apparatus has made the necessary moves to make available the range of necessary airplanes that will be used either proactively or to suppress a forest fire. “The fire-fighting period has begun since May 1, firefighting has begun planning to deal with all possible forest fires that can be caused in the summer,” he explained by speaking at the radio station, which is “104.9FM”, Spyros Georgiou , spokesman for the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

“Unfortunately, it is impossible not to have a forest fire, in the summer there are about 60 to 80 fires every day,” noted Mr. Georgiou who carried the number and types of air vehicles currently registered as operational ready within the framework of the more general design. “With regard to air defense, Greece owns the Canaders (CL-215 and CL-415). There are the new Canadators, the CL-415, of which we hope to be available four to six out of a total of seven in the summer this year, while for the oldest CL-215 Canaders, we hope that eight with nine aircraft, “ said Mr. GeorgeWho noted that the availability of an air quenching agent depends “on many items, from maintenance, spare parts etc” .

In the Canadero fleet, according to the press secretary of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, 19 Pezetel aircraft (PZL M-18B Dromader type) are added “small aircraft that take a ton of water but do a great job” , aircraft “According to the design are scattered in different areas and make the first attack (fire),” flying means located at outdated airports “mostly in the islands” .

In addition, according to Mr. Georgiou , two available Super Puma helicopters (AS 332 Super Puma type) of the Fire Brigade, “who can make firefighting using special bins” , as well as three helicopters BKK (BK-117 type) “smaller helicopters with a smaller bucket, which we also tested in forest fires, but we mainly use them as airborne coordinators,” explained the spokesperson for the General Secretariat for Civil Protection. In particular, according to Mr. George , three helicopters are being added this year (CH-47), by the Army Air Force,with the possibility of using even more “, he said, helicopters that last year’s firewall ” have new bins that can carry 5-6 tons of water each “ , bins which, unlike the older ones, have a lot more capacity  and ” are much more modern since they do not throw the water “at once” and they can roll it down sequentially, (in multiple castings per flight) “ .

Helicopters, special motorized body and drone use

A large load, due to their efficiency and dispersion capacity, will also pick up this year – in the context of the fire-fighting period – and the helicopters of special types rented. “This year, we will have 13 helicopters, four heavy-duty helicopters, the so-called Eriksson (type S-64 Skycrane) and nine medium-sized camomiles (Kamov 32)” Mr. George referred to the specific section fleet fleet primarily responsible for the firefighting or halt of a forest fire.

“These are the aerial means for firefighting this summer. We believe that we are at a good level, not less than last year, are at the same level, “ said Mr. Georgiou , who also referred to an innovation that has been incorporated since 2019 into ground forces, an innovation that will work together with the air extinguishing. ” This year, in terms of dealing with forest fires, a motorized body with 20 vehicles, established in EMMA in Elefsina, will be set up by the fire department, such as the EMAK hikers, and will be able to move to forest fires directly. They will be able to cope with a range of fires in Attica, North Peloponnese and Sterea Hellas “the spokesperson for the General Secretariat for Civil Protection explains. This move is also an action that has emerged since last year. “Because last year we had the problem with the Eye, with the transfer of forces from other areas (the foundation of this new motorized body), it could help us not to move many forces but will be strengthened by this motorized body “ Said Mr. Georgiou .

Regarding the use of new technology such as UAVs (drones), Mr. Georgiou explained that unmanned firefighting and police are already being used. “We usually use them to monitor areas sensitive to forest fires and after fires (as well) the problem is that they can not fly at the same time as airborne vehicles because there is a risk of an accident,” he said while describing how airborne can attempt in a particular circle:“An airborne vehicle enters the fireplace, leaves, and the next one has to enter. They can not do it all together. There are some security rules. Because they do not fly at a very low altitude, almost above the fires of the fire, the extinguishing extinguishers have to come out (from the field of the firefighting enterprises) to get them unmanned, “ says Mr. Georgiou

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