Cadastral Survey for Home Owners in Greece

The Hellenic Cadastre has recenty issued a useful infographic for the process to ensure your home is registered, as a reminder the purpose is stated as follows;

The development of Cadastre (“cadastral survey”) at a region is defined as the procedure of recording the real property or other registrable rights (e.g. full or limited ownership, usufruct, prenotification or other real property encumbrance, etc.) which a person or a legal entity has on real properties of a specific region of the country and the connection of these rights to a specific property or properties, as the latter are defined and depicted, after being checked and technically processed, on cadastral diagrams. 

On recording a real property right, a series of legal details (register and ID details of the beneficiary, way of acquisition of the right, details of the deed with which the right was acquired, etc.) are also recorded. Furthermore, land parcels are depicted on cadastral diagrams in absolute accuracy with specific node coordinates that refer to the Hellenic Geodetic Reference System (EGSA ’87), specific boundaries and property areas. 


Most people will be using their Lawyers and accountants to assist or submit the documents at the correct time but full information is available at





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