Cadastre Information to ENFIA tax audit in Future

Faced with dire fines, there may be thousands of homeowners who have concealed the real size of their real estate in order to avoid paying taxes. Upon completion of the land registry, the Independent Public Revenue Office will proceed to the on-line connection of the electronic systems.

By interconnecting, the HRAD auditors will have immediate access to the cadastral records and more easily identify all real estate and real estate rights (full or small ownership, usufruct, etc.) that exist in them both on and off-plan. city ​​areas. They will then cross-check the cadastral data with what the taxpayers have stated in form E9.

At the Treasury there are indications that many owners have not stated in their E9 property statement all of their real estate, either by concealing real estate or by deliberately declaring tax-exempt items (eg less square meters). Hiding the actual size of the real estate substantially limits Enfia’s account, as well as the transfer tax.

The auditors of the Independent Public Revenue Office will have immediate access to the cadastral records.

By interconnecting the two systems, intersections will begin to:

• Identify landlords who have not stated the real value of the property.

• Look for taxpayers with arrears of taxation left unpaid and unregulated despite having a great deal of real estate.

Today, the tax administration does not have the real image of real estate. Therefore, the tax office, in cases where taxpayers have overdue debts, is not able to secure the requirements of the State (eg mortgage registration, foreclosures, auctions).

Taxpayers who will be identified after the intersection have concealed or have declared them incorrectly will be faced with:

• Implementation of main and supplementary ENFIA.

• Additional tax, which is calculated as interest on late payment.

• Fine for filing inaccurate property tax returns.

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