Cafes will not open early, remains as 1 June partially due to crowded scenes in Attica


The images of dozens of citizens in Agia Paraskevi, Kifissia and other areas of Attica and the province, where restaurants were turned into “take away bars” and open-air parties, put a brake on any thoughts to open before June 1st. branch.

The what transpired caused frustration and concern to the government, as well as reported Minister, can be converted into “coronavirus party” and act as health bomb. The feeling that the fight against the pandemic is over and we are going as before hides many traps and can destroy what was built in the middle of quarantine. That is why the Civil Protection announced strict measures to deal with these situations.

The issue was of great concern at the morning meeting at the Maximos Palace, where, according to information, the Prime Minister put a brake on the discussions that had begun for the opening of the catering industry a week earlier, that is, on May 25. Mr. Mitsotakis stressed to his associates that the lifting of this measure will be done according to the schedule that has been drawn up. No one is willing to risk the successful fight against the pandemic with hasty decisions, and epidemiological protocols will be strictly adhered to.

In the neighborhoods, Mitsotakis to see how the stores work
In the coming days, possibly today, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, according to information, will start visiting neighborhoods in Athens. It intends to take a closer look at the operation of the market and the stores during the first steps of removing the lockdown, but also to get in touch with the citizens. Of course, observing the protection measures with the appropriate distances, without selfies, as usual. It will be the first “tours” after the imposition of quarantine and the temporary cessation of live contact with citizens.

Government announcements are expected today to further strengthen the culture and artists to deal with the economic consequences of the corona crisis. The government has already allocated 15 million euros, to which a special reference will be made by Ms. Mendoni, as it is estimated that the relevant aid has not become widely known. There will also be an extension of the beneficiaries of state aid, despite the difficulties that exist to identify all those employed in the art world, due to the way they are paid and the lack of employment contracts in several activities.

At the same time, it is possible to announce an outline of how certain artistic activities will be carried out . According to competent sources, what is being discussed is the performances with a limited audience, the allocation of free spaces for their holding, in order to compensate the loss of income, the support from the state and tax incentives.

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