California: Terror of the New Strong Earthquake – Fires, Damage and Wounded

Rock cliffs from the powerful 7.1 earthquake in California / Photo: Twitter

A severe earthquake of 7.1 degrees hit southern California Friday night (local time, Saturday morning Greece morning), causing some damage to buildings, fires and some injuries, with its power being 8 times greater than the pre-earthquake that shook in the same area on Thursday, officials say.

The latest earthquake occurred at 8:20 pm local time (6:20 am GMT), near the city of Ridgecrest on the edge of the Dale Valley National Park, 202 kilometers northeast of Los Angeles, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

Houses in Ridgecrest fired from gas leakage
The mayor of Ridgecrest Pegie Brinden said by telephone: “We have fires, we have gas leaks, we have injuries, we have a world without electricity. We treat it in the best possible way “.Police Head of Ridgecreed Gent Maklaflin said at a press conference that there are reports of light injuries only, adding that the authorities have so far had no evidence of serious injuries. Earlier, other officials said the number of injured and the extent of the damage are not yet known, but so far there are no reports of deaths.

The newest earthquake was the strongest hit in southern California after a 7.1-degree vibration in the Moahah desert near a military base in 1999, said Lucy Jones, a seismologist at California Institute of Technology (CalTech).

“Houses changed position”
The San Bernadino County Fire Department reported that the newest earthquake has caused some damage to buildings. “Houses changed position, foundations cracked, retaining wall fell,” said the fire brigade on Twitter. It was recorded “an injury (light), firefighters offer care to the patient. There are no needs that have not been covered at this time, “he said in a post on the social networking site.

Food that fell from the shelves litters the floor of an aisle at a Walmart following an earthquake in Yucca Yalley, Calif., on Friday, July 5, 2019. (Chad Mayes via AP)

Many material damage has been caused by the powerful earthquake of 7.1 Richter
Lucky Smith, owner of the Furys Sports Bar in Ridgecrest, said in a telephone conversation that the vibration caused some damage to the inside false ceiling of the store and the bar and resulted in some bottles being broken. According to him, at that time at the bar there were three clients but no one was injured.

Numerous aftershocks
Numerous aftershocks hit the southern California area after a 6.4-degree vibration that occurred yesterday morning near Ridgecrest . According to Jones, the vibration on Thursday proved to be a propulsion of the vibration of 7.1 points. Some injuries were reported only yesterday, while two homes broke out due to broken gas pipelines, officials said.

Many residents of the area refuse to spend the night indoors under the fear of a strong earthquake
According to USGS, the earthquake that occurred on Friday night (local time) released about eight times more energy than Thursday’s vibration. According to initial estimates, the newest earthquake was nearly 11 times stronger than that of Thursday.

The last major catastrophic earthquake that hit southern California was 6.7 degrees in Northridge, which was centered on a densely populated area of ​​Los Angeles. At that time, 57 people were killed and billions of dollars were lost.

The Live Show Reaction
The current earthquake occurred at 8:20 pm, while night news television channels were in progress, with the cameras recording live the reactions of the presenters.

And like all residents of the wider area, CBS journalists crashed, with the presenter looking horrified to the ceiling to see if anything came to her, and ready to run to save her in case of danger.

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