Akrotiri Skiza, the westernmost point of Kefalonia is the port of the Monastery of Kipouria.

One of the most difficult and rugged parts of the coastline of our island. Maybe that’s why it was called “skiza” (the thin sharp piece of wood that is cut when a tree trunk is pounded with an axe).

I explored it a long time ago thanks to the instructions and help of Babis Rigatos, president of Kinarata. The man who knows every path in the area.

Descending the path from the historic monastery to the Monastery. You will meet gardeners at the westernmost tip of Cephalonia, its end, Cape Skiza.

The landscape is wild rocky, in many places it becomes dangerous, the rocks cut like a razor. Nevertheless, its wild beauty challenges you to explore it down to its last steep cliff.

The rocks are sharp and steep and sink into the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea and the view is lost in the endless horizon.

The huge waves usually strike furiously and incessantly dig into its rocks, forming shapes and forms over the years.

Alone with the sea, the sky and the endless horizon you feel peace but also awe in front of this beauty.

Looking at its cliff you will see the steep, inaccessible magical beach “Gyaliskari” causing you to walk it, to dive in the strange blue of its sea.

Do not forget that one of the strongest seismic faults extends along the coastline of Paliki. In a time of bonnets, the depth of the point scares you.

It is a difficult route that you have to measure, to calculate your every step in order not to be injured by the rocks – knives. We do not recommend exploring without a local guide.

It was a wonderful, unique route with the sounds of the sea hitting the rocks, the smell of salt clearing your breath and your gaze widening to a horizon without borders.

Many thanks to Babis Rigatos who revealed this point of Kefalonia to me and helped me to walk it, photograph it and present it to the Readers.

Source – MAKIS LEKATSAS/KefaloniaPress.gr

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