Captain Marvel showing at Kefalos this weekend

At the Municipal Theater of Argostoli “KEFALOS” continues the program of the Municipal Cinema, with the adventure “Captain Marvel”

Adventure 2019 | Color | Duration: 124 ‘ 
American film directed by Ryan Fleck, Anna Bonden with: Bruce Larson, Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelson

Captain Marvel, in the midst of the inter-war war of Ali aliens with Sculptor reptilians, is led to Earth where she is called upon to discover the truth about her past and find a way to save mankind.

Friday 5/4: 9.00pm 
Saturday 6/4: 7.00pm & 9.30pm 
Sunday 7/4: 7.00pm

Evenings on Friday 5/4 (9.00pm) and on Saturday 6/4 (9.30pm) will be in 3D format.

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