Captain Panagi died yesterday ( ex president and one of the main creators of tourism in Skala)

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Dear friends,
My father, Captain Panagis, left yesterday for the long journey after fighting (as he fought the storms all his life) brave in recent years with a serious heart problem. A heart full of kindness that fit in it all of us, all of Skala and numerous friends from Kefalonia, Ithaca and other parts of Greece that had a crew on its boats.
A big heart of a great man who was a model family man, captain, mayor and village.
Thank you from my heart all for your interest and love for my father. Thank you to all the ladder for crying today doesn’t want to believe it.
I’m sure God, who so glorified himself, will make sure his seas are peaceful from now on.
My Captain, have a nice trip, proud to have you as a father!

From FB post of his son and deputy regional governor of Kefalonia and Ithaca Stavros Travlos

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