Capture of a person for cannabis cultivation in Sami

In Kefalonia, a 32-year-old native was arrested for the Drugs Crimes Offense.

The press release from the police says:

“He was arrested today (31-05-2019) in the early hours in Kefalonia by police officers at the Police Department of Sami, with the help of the Prevention and Suppression of Crime Group, a 32-year-old native of the cannabis offense.

More specifically, the 32-year-old was identified and arrested by police officers, as it was found to have cultivated in a rough rural area, hemp seedlings of up to (70) centimeters.

During the investigations, (4) cannabis seedlings and other objects were seized and confiscated.

An investigation of the case was carried out by the Sami Police Department.

The 32-year-old was taken to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Plamenomilikon Kefallinia “.

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