If you have still not paid you can still complete without fine, it could only be Greece!


an extension to the extension which was the  January 11, was given by the Finance Ministry.

Now the citizens can pay them by the end of the month.

According to APE-MPA, the ministerial decision will be signed by Deputy Finance Minister Katerina Papanatsiou, in order to facilitate taxpayers due to the bad weather that hit the country.

It is a prerequisite for the fees to be paid at the tax office.

It is recalled that those who pay late the circulation fees will be required to pay a fine equal to their value.

For this debt, the taxpayer will be able to settle, after a month, with settled settlements in 24 installments, but the established debt will be charged with the interest.

Source: newsbomb.gr



If you have not got around to paying road (circulation) tax for next year (soon to be this!) there has been a small extension until 11th January 2019 before the cost is DOUBLED.

source – http://athina984.gr/wp-site/2018/12/31/12-00-news-in-brief-2/

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