Car Circulation Tax 2020 (Road tax)

The 2020 car tax  is expected to be posted on Taxisnet by 15 November. The charges do not seem to have any change compared to last year, as any changes under European directives will take effect from next year.

Vehicle owners are required to pay from € 22 to € 1,380 depending on the type and year of registration. Treasury funds are estimated to invest 1.2 billion euros.

It is recalled that those who pay through web banking require only the Debit ID listed on the notice, while credit card holders with sufficient credit balance can pay the fees using up to 12 interest-free installments.

The fines

Traffic charges should be paid by the end of the year, as each year. If not, late payment will result in a fine of 100% of the vehicle charges.

Details paid:

  • Equal to the charges if the vehicle is a scooter or tricycle or passenger car
  • Half of the fees if the vehicle is a passenger car. or truck or bus
  • 0 euros if traffic charges are less than 30 euros

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