Car road Tax 2020: An extension has been granted for their payment

The Ministry of Finance extended the deadline for payment of the registration fees until January 15, giving it a 15-day respite for those who failed to arrange payment on time.

The deadline normally expired at midnight on December 31, but eventually, as wrote, the Treasury extended their payment. 

A similar extension, until Wednesday 15 January, was also given for plates – the official term is ‘voluntary vehicle immobilization’ – for those who want to avoid the end of 2020.

As the Finance Ministry has made clear, no further extension will be given.

The announcement of the Ministry of Finance

 The Ministry of Finance, seeking to make it easier for citizens and enable everyone to fulfill their obligations,  extends the deadline for the payment of traffic charges and the placement of vehicles on a voluntary basis, until Wednesday 15 January 2020.

It must be made clear to everyone that no further extension will be given. After this deadline, any payment will be considered overdue and will be subject to a fine.

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