This beautiful and friendly cat in the first video is the cat we found beaten on Skala beach in Kefalonia.

A good fellow “man” decided to target his body to kill him…

The cat did not die though !!! One of the many shots is stuck in his spine and has left him paralyzed ..

The cat is in the office of  Spiridoula Vavasi and they are fighting together henceforth whoever our good fellow man makes such a move again will find us before him. 

Time to open our eyes, our ears and our mouth. To take a gun and move it on the beach and shoot it at the animals means that it is mentally unstable and it circulates among us.

Tomorrow a child can be one of our fellow human beings.

source – FB post of Papaioannou Pinelopi

One thought on “Cat shot on Skala beach!

  • October 28, 2020 at 8:43 am

    It is time that all shooting will be prohibited by law. The endless mornings when shots woke me up, often from nearby in or right at the borders of our village. The many “men” who had no better things to do than going out every morning shooting little birds. What for? Didn´t we just learn that all wildlife was reduced in the last decades by two thirds – worldwide? Then there were shots right beside me and my dog, right in the village!
    We are not the USA! We don´t have to have rifles to defend ourselves. And we don´t have to shoot living creatures in order to eat. THIS HAS TO END!!!


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