Census 2021: Extension until December 13

It was expected, it was done: ELSTAT gave an extension for the electronic inventory , which, according to schedule, would end today, November 26. 

Early on Friday morning, ELSTAT announced that it was extending the electronic population census until Monday, December 13th. 

For days there were reports from citizens that the special code had not reached them, in order to enter gov.gr and use it to make the electronic inventory, they had increased and so ELSTAT decided to give a two-week extension to the process. 

“In order to give the necessary time to those who received the Unique Inventory Code with delay, but also to those of the rest who wish to inventory electronically, a general extension of the deadline for the possibility of electronic self-inventory is given until Monday, December 13, 2021” reports ELSTAT in its announcement.

The census of the population and the houses has been started by ELSTAT since October 22 and the participation of the citizens (despite the… deniers who appeared and for this result in ridiculous incidents) is great, since for the first time the citizen is given the opportunity to does the process himself and if he can not or needs help to contact an enumerator. 

Through the census, the population of Greece is counted in each Regional Unit, Municipality or Community and independent settlement, covering the whole Territory (mainland Greece, islands, border areas), while at the same time data are collected on the demographic and social characteristics of the population and housing conditions, notes ELSTAT.

Participation in the inventory is mandatory and the data collected is confidential , not transmitted or disclosed to any public or private body and used only for the production of aggregated statistics. It is noted that in the context of the inventory no sensitive personal data is collected.

How the inventory is done

  • An ELSTAT enumerator leaves a closed anonymous file in your homecontains the “Unique Inventory Code” of the residence.
  • A representative of the household, having the “Unique Inventory Code” and his code in taxisnet can through the digital portal of the public sector www.gov.gr inventory the residence and all members of the household.Those citizens who can not, for any reason, register themselves electronically, will be registered by the enumerator of their area through the process of personal interview.

Individuals living in collective accommodation such as camps, camps, monasteries, accommodation structures for immigrants / refugees and unaccompanied minors, Immigrant / Refugee Reception and Identification Centers, nursing homes, boarding schools, asylums, clinics for chronic illnesses, etc. are enumerated by specialist Enumerators, through the process of personal interview.

During their work, the approximately 60,000 enumerators and 12,500 Heads of ELSTAT carry, in addition to their police ID, a special badge with the ELSTAT mark , in which their details are written, as well as a definition form with their photo and stamp of ELSTAT.

They are obliged to observe all the necessary measures to protect public health from the risk of further spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.

Source – newsit.gr

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