Census 2021: Why I have not yet received the ELSTAT file – What will apply for the deadline

The process of the electronic census of population and buildings that “runs” ELSTAT is in full swing .

ELSTAT has issued detailed instructions for the inventory process, which, among other things, explains how we distinguish the ELSTAT enumerator – meaning what insignia he wears, what clothes he wears and so on. In addition, the instructions emphasize what applies to urban planning violations and arbitrariness and whether ELSTAT collects such data.

It is reminded that the deadline for completing the inventory, electronically, expires on November 26. From that point on – as the inventory is mandatory – the inventory will be done through home interviews.

Inventory: What applies to those who have not received the ELSTAT file
However, those who have not yet received the inventory file should not worry, said Apostolos Kasapis, director of the Independent Office of the President of ELSTAT – who recently spoke to iefimerida , speaking on Alpha 98.9 on Monday morning . gr.

According to Mr. Kasapis, ELSTAT is able to find out in which neighborhoods the inventory files were not distributed and for this reason a sufficient extension will be given. “It would not be fair for someone to take the file today and have only two days in front of him to complete the process,” the ELSTAT executive noted.

As he explained, one of the reasons that the inventory files have not reached all the houses is the resignations submitted by inventors. ELSTAT, these days, is training new staff and very soon all the files will have been distributed.

Mr. Kasapis did not give specific percentages for the participation, but said that “(the participation) has exceeded the expectations we had”, referring to the hundreds of thousands of households that have already been counted.

Source  – iefimerida.gr

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