A total of eight (8) cases of robberies and burglaries, as well as two attempts from homes and stores in Kefalonia, have been identified by the Security Department of Argostoli .

    For these cases, a  document of a criminal nature, against the two 22 and 46-year-olds, was formed for the offense of prominent snatches.

It is recalled that the 46-year-old had been captured by police officers at the Security Department of Argostoli on Friday (25.05.2019), when he attempted to violate a residence in the Metaxata Kefallinia area, without pre- venting to remove any object. 

    Further investigations of theft and burglary cases recently committed in Kefalonia and the proper use of the data collected in the framework of police investigation identified the coordinated action of the 46-year-old and another 22-year-old, who was arrested by police yesterday 31.05.2019 during a police check.

In particular, their action is localized in eight (8) successive cases of thefts and burglaries, as well as two attempts, from dwellings and shops, to fine electronics, goldsmiths, of which , however, they stand out:

  • the home burglary, on Wednesday (01.05.2019), in the area of ​​Metaxata Kefalonia, removing appliances and furniture of total value (4000) euro.
  • the theft on Tuesday (28.05.2019) from a health store in Travliata, from which they removed a television,
  • the burglary in the area of ​​Lakithra on Thursday (16.05.2019), from which a cell phone and clothes were removed.

During the investigations that took place, in the presence of a judicial officer in the residents’ homes, some of the items they had removed were found and returned to their owners.

The investigation of the case is carried out by the Security Department of Argostoli, in which the 22-year-old car was seized as a means of facilitating their action, while their involvement in other similar acts was also examined.

The two nationals were brought to the Prosecutor’s Office in Plamenomilikon Kefalonia.

source – startmediacorfu.gr