Cephalonia: Mystery with a car “dive” in the port of Poros – Investigations under adverse conditions

A mysterious incident took place a few hours ago in Poros, Cephalonia , where according to testimonies, a car fell into the sea.

According to information, the Kefalonia Port Authority started the search in the sea area of ​​the port and under adverse conditions, as the strong northeast winds that blow on the island and reach 6-7 Beaufort, make the search difficult to locate the car.

The diver’s attempt to locate the vehicle was fruitless
A few hours ago, an experienced diver dived into the port, but was unable to locate anything at the bottom, as strong currents have mixed the sand and it had zero visibility. He will attempt a new investigation at 09:00 in the morning.

From the information so far, neither the identity of the driver, nor the number of passengers, nor the reasons that led the car to the icy sea of ​​Cephalonia has emerged.

Finally, as they transported safe sources to the APE – BPE, no traces of braking were found in the port, while witnesses saw the car floating for a few minutes on the sea surface.

How the incident happened
According to inkefalonia.gr, eyewitnesses saw the vehicle accelerate from the old jetty of Poros and fall into the water. They immediately informed the authorities, however, when the Coast Guard arrived, as well as the Fire Brigade, the vehicle had already sunk and disappeared. An EKAB ambulance arrived at the spot.

A large operation followed to locate him, in which the Coast Guard, the Fire Brigade, the diver who dived in the port, but also the members of Elios Pronnon, which so far has not borne fruit, participated.

Direct Source – iefimerida.gr (taken from reports by inkefalonia.gr)

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