Chatzidakis: “PPC gets it out – it doesn’t get out of financial trouble” (worrying last paragraph!)

“The company does not take it out,” said Kostis Hatzidakis , referring to PPC .

Indeed, the Minister of Environment and Energy has spoken of a “financial brake” agreed between the previous government and the European Commission to abolish the “small PPC” plan proposed by the Samarra government.

“They have agreed to lower PPC’s share from 90% to 50%. With no financial gain and with business executives working to lose customers. They sold 66% of DESFA and celebrated. They sold 49% of ADMIE and celebrated. PPC faded them to show their sensitivity, “Mr Chatzidakis said in an interview with the Parapolitika radio station.

The minister, who recently told PPC that he is not a juggler , stressed that the transition to the new model of the liberalized energy market must be done with seriousness, with European rules and not with the “jalandzi” rules , which went to Greece . “We do not want, he noted, to turn against other companies and consumers who have gone to other companies. We do not start with the perception that PPC is ours and others are scum and consumers who are in the other companies and the employees who work in the other companies are not Greeks, are not people etc. The point is to find a balance. ”

PPC support measures
He reiterated that PPC support measures included the abolition of the NOME auctions, which forced the company to sell below cost to its competitors by losing a total of 600m euros, as well as adjusting tariffs upwards, but without incurring any costs. consumers, because VAT and ETMEAR will be reduced in parallel.

Referring to the meeting of Greek, Cypriot, Israeli Energy Ministers with the participation of US Deputy Foreign Minister Francis Fannon to be held in Athens next week (7 August), Mr. Hadjidakis stressed that “we will deal with its issues cooperation and we will talk about the East Med pipeline starting from Israel, passing through Cyprus, coming here and ending up in Italy. ”

What Hatzidakis said about hydrocarbons
Concluding hydrocarbon surveys, he underlined: “There is a process going on, with previous governments, for hydrocarbon plots. There is a notion that we will become Saudis tomorrow morning with hydrocarbons. We won’t. It is a source of wealth, but drilling must first take place. Let’s see exactly what happens. Based on what is happening in our wider neighborhood, logic says, there are some such possibilities here. But between the contract and the drilling it takes about 4-7 years. So, this whole process, even started by the Samarra government, is going on. I am told by the HLPE that in 2020 they will make the first drilling in Patraikos. There are some other processes in Epirus and Katakolo. We will sign contracts with ExxonMobil and TOTAL French south of Crete. We will deposit all this, and quickly, in the House, so that we can show our will to run the hydrocarbons. “
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