Check Your Greek car Insurance is Valid (online)

In the market for thousands of fake car contracts 


The search for cheap, affordable insurance during the financial crisis has created many and significant problems in the auto insurance industry. So, in addition to the number of uninsured vehicles rising at a rapid rate, the skeptics seized the opportunity and threw into the market thousands of fake contracts. How, though, is such a fraud set up and what are the dangers?Most of the time, as newsauto notes, so-called “insurers” place ads on the Internet that promote their packages at attractive prices. After their victim falls into the trap of low price, he gives his details and follows a telephone conversation. In the second year you deposit money or give cash and a contract reaches your hands with no return. That is, fake paper from a “branded” insurance company.

This way you get yourself insured and in case you get involved in an accident, not only do you have no cover, but you may also face criminal penalties.

But can anyone be protected against these phenomena?

See  here how you check the authenticity of your contract

note – if the page auto-translates where it says VAT number insert your tax number (ΑΦΜ) , the box below should then show your car information and insurance expiry date.

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