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Διάλεξε ταυτότητα, διάλεξε… πλευρά! Όλοι και όλες το Σάββατο 23 Νοέμβρη, 10πμ, στο Περιφερειακό Συμβούλιο, στο Δημοτικό Θέατρο Αργοστολίου.

Gepostet von Ανοιχτή Συνέλευση Κεφαλονιάς-Ιθάκης ενάντια στην Εξόρυξη Υδρογονανθράκων am Dienstag, 19. November 2019

A  video that visually display the potentially stark choices that will be made soon that will effect the ID of the islands.

As part of Saturdays protest outside the Ionian region conference at Argostoli theatre a further press conference where all are invited will now take place two hours afterwards at 12:00


Joint Press Conference
In view of Saturday’s meeting at the regional council

On the occasion of the convergence of the regional council of π.ι.ν on Saturday, November 23, 2019 at the municipal theatre of argostoli and in the context of an open invitation-to-visit to the inhabitants of our islands, in collectives, citizen s’ initiatives, movements, organizations, associations, organizations, organizations, Chambers, unions, workers and active citizens for mass and dynamic presence on 10:00 am Saturday morning outside the municipal theatre,

We invite you to a large, Joint Press Conference with representatives from the productive, social, economic and trade union of our local society, with the aim of making our voice even louder and unified, to make our voice sound even louder and single, mass and Powerful!

Thursday, 21-11-2019

Municipal Theater of argostoli

Attendance Time 12:00

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