With a beautiful celebration for the little ones, he lit the Christmas tree in Sami tonight.
The organizers of this event, PD Sami “Aegialos”, the Municipality of Sami and KEDIKE.
The President of the Association, Efstathia Kalerante, opened the event with a greeting.
The tree was decorated with ornaments made by the children of Dim. Sami School, with their Masters.
The art piece was opened by Socrates Bennos’ mandolinate, with Ionian melodies.
Afterwards, the chorus of the PS Agia Efimia, the “Lantern”, who performed Christmas songs.

The children’s dance sections of “Aigialos” danced traditional dances followed by the Sami Philharmonic “Themos Amourgis”, which under the direction of Gerasimos Georgopoulos, played Christmas music.
The celebration was closed, with the tree lit, by the little ones and with Philarmonikli playing.
There was a pastry buffet at the celebration, free of bakeries, “Spathi”, “Christatou” and the adult dance section of “Aigialos”.
There was also a bazaar for the financial support of the Association.
Also Ag. Claus, she distributed sweets to the children.
We wish you all a happy birthday and all the best.

Tasos Kavallieratos.

Source: vlahatasamis.blogspot.com

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