Christmas – Government considering limiting tables to 4 people and night curfew still in place


“Stop” in the movements from 23:00 at night, the government is studying for the relaxation of the lockdown during the holidays… if the coronavirus allows it. The new measures that are being examined and the finding that (and) this Christmas will be completely different. The virus is not “collected” in Thessaloniki.

The important thing now is how the coronavirus will “allow” us to spend this Christmas and everything shows that like Easter, like summer, the Christmas period in 2020 will be different.

The pandemic situation in the country is constantly changing the plans of the government, which is expected to announce next week a plan for the Christmas holidays and the opening of the restaurant.

Christmas house… with a few people

According to information transmitted by Mega, if of course the data are not overturned, we will spend Christmas in a very close, family circle. That is, in a circle of 9 to 10 people.

There have been thoughts and discussions about people living alone, but also those who have relatives who could not visit them and so the scenario of the… mini gathering at the Christmas table seems to be in favor.

In addition, from December 19, the restaurants are expected to open, in which strict safety rules will apply . That is, up to four people at each table, no live music and no dancing.

Bars, clubs and liquor stores will remain closed and it is unknown when they will open.

The “coronavirus” puts “red” in the movements at Christmas

At the same time, according to a Star report, around December 15 – when the lockdown will have eased if all goes well – travel will be limited.

From 21:00 in the evening until 05:00 in the morning that is valid today, we are expected to go to the model from 23:00 in the evening until 05:00 in the morning. This will of course include Christmas, New Year, and even the Lights.

In essence, this restriction will take effect so that we can stay home during the holidays, while the nightclubs will not be open, which will make the above scenario seem “one way”.

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