Christmas Thoughts from the Ithaca Mayor Dionisis Stanitsas

Dear fellow citizens and fellow citizens,

The end of this year marks the essential start of our second and highly extended term as the municipal authority of Ithaca. With a particularly valuable and strong city council that you are building, we continue at the wheel, loyal to our principles for social stability, tolerance and cooperation.

Christmas and new year’s holidays offer us all a beneficial break from everyday life, to get strength and return to the service of our duties.

But I want us not to forget that Christmas is above all a celebration of love and offer. These holiday days let us stand by our fellow people who are facing serious personal, economic or social problems,
In whatever way anyone can, making once again the solidarity power of our society.

With these thoughts and with faith in our forces I wholeheartedly wish that the new year will bring with it steadily better and promising prospects for the island of Ithaca, for our youth, for our professionals, for all who live and care for a better one , safer and more comfortable life on our island.

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2020.

The Mayor
Dionisis Stanitsas



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