Again cider production in Patras – 96 years later


A wait of 96 whole years expires within the next few days, and the answer comes from the Industrial Area of ​​Patras. The reason for the production of cider in Greece, which lasted for almost a century, is again, according to information, again in April by Athenian Brewery.

For the 8th of the month, the company has planned a tour and detailed information for journalists at its new facilities in the Industrial Area. Virtually all the required mechanical equipment for the new production line is in its place and the very first Greek cider will come out on the market. Just a few days ago, the collaboration of Athenian Brewery with a well-known Greek fruit-processing company was announced, which will supply it with the necessary amount of cash for making the drink.

Essentially, the Heineken Group will transfer to Greece the production of two existing brands, which due to the unexplained ban that existed for so many years in our country was made abroad. This is the international brand “Strongbow” as well as the Greek “Milokleft”. The group’s overall investment in cider production is not insignificant as it was estimated to be 1.5 million euros.

However, the positive for our country and our region do not stop there as at least 10 new fixed jobs are created to which some seasonal bottles and the quality control department will have to be added. Lately, cider consumption in our country has grown significantly.

Thus, the company’s goal is to initially make around 3 million liters of beverage in Patras, equal to the quantity currently imported into the Greek market. However, the prospect is to increase production as there is optimism that consumption in the country will grow, while the plans of Athenian Brewery are to make exports, beginning with the Balkan countries.

Finally, it is worth noting that in order to overcome the legislative difficulties – mainly the complications in the State Chemical Laboratory – and to allow again the production of cider in Greece, personal interest was expressed by Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos.

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