Cigarette Smoking Ban in public places -Where smoking is forbidden and the potential Fines

One of the new habits promised by Kyriakos Mitsotakis under law was to end smoking in public places. Indeed, as the anti-smoking law is expected to be implemented immediately, as the prime minister said in his speech to the House in reading the program statements on Saturday.

The government wants a universal ban on smoking in all public enclosures, as is the case in most European countries. To implement correctly and universally the law is expected to intensify checks and telephone line operation to report violations within the next six months.

In order to show his determination to implement the anti-smoking law, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that his implementation would be launched by the House. ” The anti-smoking law applies everywhere in the Territory , starting with Parliament,” Mitsotakis said. Indeed, he remarked that the applause of the deputies was not so strong in his announcement.

In which Public Areas is prohibited by law:

  – nursing homes of all types and grades,
  – Schools: kindergartens and kindergartens, elementary schools, special schools, secondary education of all           types,  Universities, Higher Education Institutions, all types of technical education, all types of private                 education,
 – Sports facilities,
 – Stores (restaurants, cafes)
 – Entertainment centers, etc.,

What about the anti-smoking law In the circular with fines for those who violate anti-smoking law it is stated that:

Infringement of the provisions on the prohibition of smoking by civil servants, civil servants, employees of public law bodies and public sector employees in the places where their services are established is a disciplinary offense and is punishable in accordance with the provisions governing their disciplinary liability.
To those who smoke or consume tobacco products in violation of Article 3, a fine of fifty (50) to five hundred (500) euros is imposed, taking into account any recurrence.
Any person responsible for the management and operation of the premises referred to in the first paragraph of Article 3, who tolerates the violation of the provisions of Article 3, shall be liable to a fine of between 500 and 10,000 euros, taking into account any recurrence. In the fourth recidivism, the authorization of the health store is temporarily revoked by a decision of the authority which granted it for a period of ten (10) days, whereas in the fifth recidivism the authorization is finally revoked by a decision of the authority which granted it.
Those who sell tobacco products to minors or tolerate violation of the relevant provision are fined from 500 to 10,000 euros. Recurrence is taken into account for the amount of the fine imposed. In the fourth recidivism, the license is temporarily revoked for ten (10) days, while the fifth is permanently revoked by a decision of the authority which granted it.
Those who violate the provisions of this document on the advertising of tobacco products shall be subject to a fine of between five hundred (500) and ten thousand (10,000) euros, taking into account any recurrence.
According to article 3 of Law 3730/2008, as supplemented by article 35 of Law 3896/2010, for the violation of the smoking ban on all private and public cars, when minors under the age of 12 years are required an administrative fine of € 1,500 to the smoker who smokes independently if he is a driver, and doubled the fine to € 3,000 if the smoker drives a public car. In addition to the drivers of these vehicles it is necessary to remove the driving license for a period of one (1) month for each offense, even if they did not commit the offense themselves, but a person who is in the car.
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