Civil Protection of the Municipality of Argostoli: Bad weather is expected, with main characteristics of heavy rains and strong winds.

Following the 16-09-2020 Extraordinary Bulletin of Dangerous Weather Phenomena, we would like to inform you that from Thursday afternoon (17-09-2020) bad weather is expected, with the main characteristics of heavy rains and storms and strong winds.

We recommend to the Citizens to be especially careful, taking care to take measures for self-protection from dangers arising from the occurrence of severe weather phenomena.

  • Insure items that, if swept away by severe weather, could cause damage or injury.
  • Make sure that the gutters and gutters of the houses are not blocked and are operating normally.
  • Avoid crossing torrents and streams, on foot or by vehicle, during storms and rainfall, but also for several hours after the end of their event
  • Avoid field work and activities in the sea and coastal areas during severe weather.
  • Take immediate precautions during a hailstorm. Take refuge in a building or car and do not leave the safe area until they are sure that the storm is over. Hail can also be very dangerous for animals.
  • Avoid passing under large trees, under hanging signs and generally in areas where light objects (eg pots, broken glass, etc.) can come off and fall to the ground (eg under balconies). .
  • To faithfully follow the instructions of the locally competent bodies, such as Traffic, etc.

For more information and instructions for self-protection from severe weather conditions, citizens can visit the website of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection at .


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