Clarifications on how to move goods from Greece to the United Kingdom, in the case of a Brexit without an agreement


Clarifications on how goods will be shipped from our country to the United Kingdom and vice versa, in the case of a withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union without an agreement, gave the governor of the Independent Public Revenue Authority a speech at a workshop Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The workshop focused on “No Deal Brexit” and took place on 06.03.2019, with the participation of the Independent Public Revenue Authority. 
The Commander of the AADE in his speech he pointed out that:
“Everyone’s concern about the possibility of leaving the United Kingdom without an agreement is obvious. At the same time, it is also the determination of all of us to take all necessary steps to neutralize, if possible, the negative consequences that may arise in our national economy if this scenario is implemented. As we all understand, Mr. Pitsilis explained, the United Kingdom becomes a “third country” for the EU-27 Member States, and the free movement of goods between the United Kingdom and the EU-27 Member States will no longer exist.
“The movement of goods from our country and other member states to the United Kingdom and vice versa will be treated in a procedural manner in the same way as the movement of goods to and from third countries.” 
Incorporating, as it has been said, for transactions with the United Kingdom: 
1. It is necessary that operators established in our country and other Member States cooperating with the United Kingdom obtain an EORI number issued by the competent customs authorities. 
2. For goods entering the EU customs territory from the United 
Kingdom: * Import declarations will be submitted, compulsorily electronically, via the ICISnet Computerized Computerized System. 
* They will be subject to surveillance and customs controls.
* Will be subject to phytosanitary and veterinary checks. 
* The relevant import duties will be imposed. 
* Licenses will be presented if the goods are subject to prohibitions or restrictions on grounds of public order / safety, health protection, such as certain chemical products. 
3. The above applies also to postal items sent to our country by the United Kingdom, or via EL.TA. either through courier companies. 
4. In addition, all the above, in respect of controls, formalities, customs documents, will also apply to goods exported from the EU customs territory to the United Kingdom, with the exception, of course, of the imposition of customs duties. otherwise they are not subject to export.
5. Products subject to Special Consumption Taxes will no longer move to and from the United Kingdom under a suspension arrangement but will be subject to import and export formalities, respectively. 
6. Cash declarations and checks (worth up to and including EUR 10 000) and baggage checks for UK passengers will be made. Cash checks will also be made to travelers to the United Kingdom. 
7. The movement of goods and services from the United Kingdom to our country and vice versa will be subject to the VAT rules applicable to third countries and the general provisions on intra-Union transactions will not apply.
However, as Mr Pitsilis said, there are solutions based on customs legislation on transit trade, which allow for transactions involving products originating in the United Kingdom not to be subject to VAT (suspensive regimes, exemption regimes VAT, etc.). 
The main negative consequences of “no deal Brexit” according to the AAD governor can be summarized as follows: 
a) the sudden change of rules governing trade between EU Member States and the United Kingdom; 
b) the fact that business activity in the area of ​​trade in goods with the United Kingdom after Brexit will become more complex and more expensive. 
“In this environment, AADE addresses the following challenges:
To help familiarize, as soon as possible, a large number of businesses that are trading with companies in the UK with EU rules that will apply after Brexit. 
To meet its obligations from the increased volume of transactions and passenger traffic, for which customs formalities and controls will now be required, “the AAD commander explained, adding: 
” For 2018, passengers from the United Kingdom amounted to 4,200. Around 13,500,000 third country passengers. An increase of 5,850 in incoming calls is expected. parcels a day, when around 1,200 per day are customs “.
In order to respond to the above challenges, AADE is preparing intensively, having already developed a plan of action on two axes: 
The first concerns information, with the creation of a special page on the AAD website , Which will be operational from 18.03.2019 and will include specific themes related to businesses and citizens, issuing of directives, etc. 
The second relates to the operational readiness of AAA’s services. to cope with the increase in the volume of transactions and passenger traffic. AADE has developed a plan to support cutting-edge services with the necessary staff – a subject in communication and cooperation with the political leadership. 

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