Clean-ups and Deforestation by District and Municipality in Poulata following Flooding in Area(pictures)

Cleaning and dredging work on the stream crossing Poulata, around the Community Office and in several other areas deemed necessary, carried out this morning workshops of the District and the Municipality of Sami using a special machine and truck to remove the branches, grasses and other load-bearing materials that had to be removed. 

These coordinated and absolutely necessary tasks were decided in the light of the partnerships of our Community President, Mrs. Georgia Flamatiou – Fioravante, with the Vice-Mayor of Kefalonia & Ithaca, as well as the Mayor of Sami. Indeed, Messrs Travlos and Monias were fully informed of the problems facing Poulata and were committed, within their abilities and powers, to assist in addressing them.

The work that will continue tomorrow in other parts of our village is certainly a very positive development. In addition, preventing a problem is clearly preferable to dealing with its after-effects, or as Hippocrates used to say, “Call it healing”. Who does not remember that the main cause of damage to our village from the flood of 2015 was the overflow of the stream, on the one hand because it had not been cleaned for years and on the other hand, because the mouth of the old stone bridge at Michalitsato had not been blocked and had not been blocked. large volume of water and consequently smooth water flow?

In her statements to poulatakefalonias, Ms Flamatou warmly thanked the Vice-Mayor and the Mayor of Sami for the immediate response to her request and of course the workers who undertook the cleaning work. At the same time, she expressed her confidence that she would find a good ear with the relevant District and Municipality services to gradually solve all the problems that Poulata faces.  


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