Click away: This is the solution for those who do not have an e-shop

The e-katanalotis platform will play an important role between traders and consumers if the former do not have an e-shop so that they can, from tomorrow (13.12.2020) operate with click away. During the week it is decided whether the manicure-pedicure shops will open.

Businesses that do not have an e-shop will be able to use the digital e-katanalotis platform of the Ministry of Development to inform consumers about orders via click away.

Those companies that do not have an e-shop will be able to use the evolution of the special e-katanalotis platform that will be valid from Monday, in which also from Monday, consumers will be able to find in addition to supermarket product prices and fuel prices .

Regarding sms for traders without an online store, the ministry’s platform will act as an intermediary for communication between consumer and trader. The consumer will send a message with the order number, the trader will send accordingly. The order number will be identified and through the platform the sms will go to the consumer to move and pick up the goods he has ordered. So, the sms that the company should send to the customer will be free, through the e-katanalotis platform.

To pick up your order, with 2 at 13033, you can move within the peripheral unit where you live.

Panagiotis Stampoulidis left an open window for the opening of manicure-pedicure companies. “It simply came to our notice then. We will see how the week will move and whether we will be allowed to make decisions “.

Referring to bookstores, he stressed that “only bookstores are opened, not stationery stores. Only books will be sold up close, if we want something else we order it electronically “.


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