Closed Most Gymnasia and Lyceums today across the country

The country’s high schools and high schools will remain closed Friday, April 12, due to the 24-hour strike by the ELME presidents.

The 24-hour strike in secondary education  takes place on the changes promoted in high school and on the way of access to tertiary education.

As the OLME pointed out , the new plan further downgrades the general education and the general knowledge in the 3rd Grade, by reducing the teaching of basic cognitive subjects and undermining the pedagogical character of the Lyceum.

Friday morning noon rallies

At the same time, rallies will be held, which are scheduled for 12 noon with pre-concentration at the Propylaea for Athens and the Statue of Venizelos for Thessaloniki, as well as at the central squares of the other cities of the country.

OLME in its communication invites teachers and parents to contribute to the organization of debates and events on changes in high school and on access to tertiary education.

“We call on ELME, the Unions and the Parents’ Associations in a variety of activities and mobilizations to prevent the bill from being voted on,” says OLME.


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