Coast Guard update from yesterday’s boat fire at fiscardo

At noon yesterday, the Port Authority of Fiskardo was informed about an incident of fire in the I / F boat “ISSOLAYA II” flag of Malta which was anchored inside the bay “EVRETIS” Fiskardo Kefallinia.
Immediately, the Port Authority activated the local emergency plan and one (01) patrol boat LS-EL.AKT., Two (02) private boats as well as executives of the Kefallinia Fire Service rushed to provide assistance, while a vessel was placed dam around the burning vessel.
The six (06) foreign passengers of “ISSOLAYA II” boarded the “NO WAY” submarine flag of Malta and were transported, in good health, to the port of Fiskardo.
The Fire Service of Kefallinia made efforts to extinguish the fire with the assistance of the patrol boat LS-EL.AKT. but the above sailboat sank.
There were no injuries from the incident, while there was a small amount of pollution from petroleum products, debris and centipede water, which was trapped inside the floating dam and was treated with consumables of the relevant Port Authority. 
Preliminary investigation is carried out by the Fiskardo Port Authority.

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