Comes on June 17 the “Full Moon of Strawberry”

They call it “Full Moon of the Roses” or “Full Moon of Honey”

On the 17th of June, lift your eyes to the sky as the “Full Moon of the Strawberry” or “The Full Moon of the Roses” comes.

The impressive celestial phenomenon will be visible from every corner of the globe, allowing romantic, dreamer-and not only-to enjoy its beauty in the night sky.

According to NASA , the moon will be full for about three days, from Saturday night to Tuesday morning. 

But why do we call it “Full Moon of the Strawberry”? NASA reports that this name comes from the short strawberry harvesting season in North-East America.

For the same full moon on June 17, there is an old European name, the “Honey Moon”or “Mead Moon” . Mead means hydromel. It is a drink created by the fermentation of honey with water and sometimes with fruits, spices, cereals and hops.

The tradition of calling it the first month of the “honeymoon” wedding is believed to date back to 1500 and may still be linked to Honeymoon, either because of the custom of many couples getting married in June or because the Full Moon Honey is the sweetest full moon of time.

There is also another theory, which argues that at the end of June, during the summer solstice, honey was mature and ready to be gathered from the hives, therefore that month was the most “sweet”.

“Full Moon of the Roses”

This Full Moon has another name, as some Europeans called it “Full Moon of the Roses” due to the color that the Moon was taking during the phenomenon: a soft red.

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