Comments from a seismologist regarding last nights earthquakes near Fiskardo


Akis Tselentis (The Director of the Athens Geodynamic Institute) has commented on the overnight earthquake activity near Fiskardo Kefalonia as follows;  



Because many of my compatriots and villagers were worried at night the situation is as follows

It is a fact that we observe a seismicity in central Ionian but mainly towards the Zakynthos side.

In Kefalonia There is a rift that starts from Cape Atheras passes west of Assos passes west of Xeripounta And reaches west of Lefkada this rift does not concern me because it gradually breaks so it cannot give much earthquake at night but they became very noticeable in Fiscardo,.

You will feel more earthquakes this fall in the next few days And I think you should not worry though you must take the precautionary measures, especially if you have small children ie heavy furniture fastening and not heavy objects high, Do not play near the many dry rocks that there are other well-known …

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